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Stop Drones
"Artist and mother of two tries her hand at saving some civilians by learning how to make websites."

Randi had been taught that the first of the Ten Commandments is "Thou shalt not kill." Her consciousness was repelled by the remotely manipulated war atrocities that were occurring in Afghanistan and Pakistan, perpetrated by an Army carrying the Stars and Stripes. She resolved to do what she could to stop these criminal minded "spooks" who are killing innocent civilians with impunity. This artist turned activist taught herself how to make a website to gather signatures for a petition and to gain public support to stop the remote killing of human beings by machines. 

She then helped launch a World Improvement Newspaper to spread the word. Along with raising two children, she is also active in Yoga classes, Natural Herbal Oils, and of course her paintings. She hopes her efforts will succeed by making it Internationally illegal to spy on or kill living things using remotely operated machines. 

Randi would like to see those people involved in killing other people using remotely piloted machines be held responsible for their repugnant crimes against humanity and civilization. She also wants to make it illegal Internationally to make an autonomous killing machine.

Randi believes we are in a new era when we need to make new laws against infernal machines, and be able to enforce them, so that her children do not have to live in a world where machines go around killing people. 

By natural extrapolation, killing anyone by remote control without the benefit of judge or jury is immoral if not illegal. Those that are practicing this technology are war criminals, and must be controlled in their maniacal acts by more moral members of their own society. Pakistanis, Afghans, Mexicans, and now Libyans are all victims of these criminals, and again by natural extrapolation, we too are their targets. 

These war criminals are unrestrained in their vicious unrelenting quest for more power, to the extent of using remotely controlled machines to kill anyone they deem a target, ignoring the innocent casualties, and publicly denying culpability. This is horrible, and is part of our children's future if we allow these abuses of civilization to continue."

Currently, it's not against the law to kill anyone using a drone!

Help Randi get new laws passed to outlaw killer drones by donating whatever you can.  She will use these funds to get new laws passed to restrain the out of control and unaccountable use of murderous drones.