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Stop Drones
Are the super rich really prepared to go back to the stone age after WWIII? Or will we invest in alternative energy and smarten up toward a world with answers and energy problems solved in sustainable ways?  Fuel cells, hydrogen cars, and future energy solutions will offer us a new paradigm shift into a more beautiul world, or on the other hand, they will pit us into a resource world war with China.

But the military industrial complex would love to make the money out of every bullet and bomb. They want some kind of Armageddon to come, but they don't even dream that we would actually lose a war with China or that there would be no people left.  We have to stop the territorial war over the strategic asset called oil.  With drones, our CIA is able to attack and spread war unofficially!

Drones are the spearhead of Empire and expansionism.  The nature of predatory and monopoly capitalism is not the nature and structure of people oriented capitalism.

The idea that our democracy has a history of being warped by monopolists is an unfortunate part of American history.  At first this war over resources was blamed on racism, and justified by racism against the Native Americans and the Hispanics as "Manifest Destiny".  Manifest Destiny meant that just because we were white and God was on our side, we had the right to steal Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California from the Mexicans.  The US would have taken their whole country if we could have.  

This was also called Expansionism and Imperialism.  It's what got Hitler in trouble.  It's illegal to attack a country that has not commited an act of aggression against you.  The World Court, the Geneva Convention, the Neurenburg trials, all of these bodies have become our world conscience.  But people like Cheney (who mix big business with government) make money on war.  

Mussolini called this mixture of big business and government the definition of Fascism.  So, drones are the illegal spearhead of totalitarianism, fascism, and dictatorships.  By using drones illegally in countries that we are not at war with, America is pushing like Nazi Germany to take over countries and murder their populations that have not committed a previous act of aggressoin against us.  

A war is illegal if it has not been officially declared by congress.  The result of this will be War with China, because as we try to grab their oil, it turns out they are the supplier for China and for Russia, so the US is teaming up against Russia and China over oil.
Drones are the advance guard. They are remote control murderers for the purpose of stealing countries.
The Consequences are Real
53% of your tax dollar is killing people unofficially over oil when there are alternatives! Those that want war don't understand the consequences are nuclear. What's more, they don't understand that when we ignore American inventors with energy answers, and have war over oil, we are only making the Saudis rich, and empowering the very Muslims that hate. Saudis are against alternative energy. They own the gas stations!!!