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Possession of an Infernal Device
What happens when the government is engaged in the use of an infernal machine?

A police or government agent is not exempt by definition in so much as calling a device infernal and legislating against it’s possession implies that it has no productive use.  Thus, if a drone is used to spy in an illegal manner, or to otherwise do physical or psychological harm, it is unequivocally an infernal machine.  The fact that an infernal machine is bad, is maintained irrespective of who is in possession.  The police can only be in possession because they took the infernal machine from someone who might use it to harm others.  

There can never be a scenario where the police, or a government agent can be the one using an infernal machine to harm others.  

Yet, this is what is done with drones.  

Law cannot be completely flexible. There has been a habeas corpus since the Magna Carta, but since the Bush administration the rights of the habeas corpus have been taken away from us, so now there’s no way to file a paper saying there’s proof that the wrong person was injured or killed.

Next, the Bush administration made torture legal.  It is, of course, illegal to make torture legal, as established by the Nuremberg trials the Geneva convention, and every law on the books.  

This trend toward a weakening of the law cannot be allowed to continue to the point that we have a George Orwell world with an eye in the sky, and the slogan “Big Brother IS watching you.” 
Privacy laws evolved for a reason.  We should not see privacy laws thrown out with the Habeas Corpus, and protection since the Magna Carta.  

It is immoral and should be illegal for drones to stalk Americans without probable cause and court involvement, and it should certainly be illegal for insect sized drones to be flying around your barbeque pit, or taking pictures of you while you are nude. We wish to warn celebrities that next, mosquito sized video cameras will be responsible for their funny little pictures on the media.
Please help us in this work with your donation.  Contribute to the fund for the purpose of stopping the misuse of this technology beyond the coverage of normal laws.  The money donated to the fund will be kept in an individual account in an accounting firm for the purposes of initiating legislation designed to restrain the illegal use of drones.  
Pakistanis claim their entire population is armed in the area where drones are attacking. Ironically, drone operators are allowed to attack anyone that is armed. This means the entire population. This is creating a tremendous amount of anti-American hate. According to the N.Y. times, some estimates show a rate of 50 innocent civilians to every 1 targeted enemy.  Mind you, the one accused enemy combatant does not have to be proven guilty, or tried, so even he might be innocent.
Support us now in establishing laws where we did not need them before.